What they don’t tell you about SEO

If there is one thing that working in SEO has taught me, it’s that people seriously understate the resources and time needed to market their business online. Before you even jump into content making, link building, and driving traffic to your site through social media you first have a lot of research that goes into any internet marketing project.

  • Competitor Analysis: Looking at your business and how it stacks up against others. This phase is to set up and see the landscape of the industry and how it relates to search and the internet as a whole. Looking at factors like estimated search traffic, domain authority, trust flow, number of internal and external links, and monthly searches.
  • Traffic Opportunity: This step takes all the work done before to see what people are looking for, and ranking for and then figuring out where the best points for your business to achieve its goals will be. Weather it’s going after a main keyword, or chasing a long tail one to slowly grow your main organic result.
  • Content Audit:
  • What content do you already have? Is it good? Can it be repurposed or used more effectively? Should it be ditched for low quality scores? How much content do you have on the internet Is it long enough or does it need to be built on? All of these are important factors that need to be looking into and worked through before the work can really start on your site.

And all of that has to happen before we even start planning how we are going to tackle your SEO and Internet marketing plan! A lot of work besides the articles and backlinks you get happens along the way into SEO and that is the reason for the high price. A lot of people don’t look at or explain the whole process to you, we try our best at Serious SEM to explain and show all the work that goes into every project. We feel if you don’t fully understand the process and why things are being done then you won’t fully value how important it is to your business.

Cy SearsWhat they don’t tell you about SEO