Develop free, lightweight attribution insights

When you are running paid ad’s alongside your organic results, it’s a great idea to keep your organic and paid listings to have a consistent branding across them. By managing this and keeping a close eye on it you can reduce ad spend and also increase the number of clicks your organic search gets over time.

If you’re keeping an eye on your keywords, have an idea of what pages are showing up with what phrases you are ahead of the game. If not you will need to start with pulling all your keyword data and ranking from your Google Counsel or another tool that you use to keep track of your SERPS. Then you will be able to find the pages that will be showing up alongside your ads on google.

Once you know which ads and pages are going to be close together and sharing space, start to craft your meta description to match your paid ad verbiage. A lot of people will remember the reason they clicked on an add based off this over the name or the company in the headline. So if they see it in both the paid and the organic, they are more likely to click the organic one and get back to your website. This keeps you from having to pay for the same person clicking your Ad two times in a row, which means you just earned an extra click from someone new and now have a chance to make two sales instead of one for the same ad spend.

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Cy SearsDevelop free, lightweight attribution insights