Why Responsive Website Design?

Your business website might look great on desktops. Perhaps it conveys your sense of professionalism perfectly. You might have even spent big bucks on your snazzy design. But with the rise of mobile, the way your business website looks will soon take a backseat to its mobile friendliness. That’s right – responsive design that’s optimized

Take Full Advantage of Your Website

When you’re a professional, you need to look professional. Everything your business does – from the interior design at your location, to the manner in which you and your employees conduct yourselves – should show that you care about offering your customers value. Your professionalism (combined with effective branding) should help you stand out from

As search changes, Google changes

Search is changing, it’s an ever evolving organism at this point and time. Searching means utilizing a wide range of interfaces, including GPS devices, wearables, smart objects such as Amazon Echo and operating systems such as iOS and Android. Oh, and we’re not just lounging on our sofas at home when we search. We’re searching

The 2016 State of Link Building Survey – Results & Analysis

Link building is in an odd spot. Some people swear by it still, others pull out the pitchforks and want to burn it to the ground it seems. The past year has been a bit of a calming down period as some are starting to see the value in link building done right, and others

4 Ways to Improve Your Search Rankings

Do you recall the days we as Internet marketers lived and died by search engines for traffic? The days and nights of tedious work sweating it out to push a site to #1 on Google just for it to be seen. Think back to the time when keywords and ranking high were the only assured

How Google’s AMP Will Influence Your Marketing

Mobile isn’t the future anymore it’s the now. And more and more when a website is being designed and marketing is being looked at, it comes down a lot of time is spent looking at the impact mobile will have on it. And as companies work towards better ways to speed up and present on

Leveraging social media for local SEO

Social networks can be difficult to integrate into a local brand SEO strategy. However, with careful thought, you might find an interesting and engaging way to use such platforms to further your conversion goals. Some platforms are built for local and can be used to drive more local traffic to your site, and supply a

How Google’s AMP Will Influence You

Google is going all in on mobile! And AMPed pages are going to be a big thing your going to have to start thinking about very soon. The fast loading, stripped down pages are made to make mobile websites load faster and be easier to read on small devices. With the landscape always changeing, and

How to Stretch Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Resources

One of the hardest things to do is market for a non-profit at times. You don’t get the budget, the resourches, or the team that for profit companies get. So how can you overcome this without going crazy? We found this great article on hubspot to help you out! It goes over some great time

Weekly Search and SEO Headlines

It’s time for a weekly recap of all the news in the world of search and search engine optimization! Bing’s Big News: It’s almost time for match maddness! Which means college basketball is on the minds of basketball fans across the country, and yesterday college hoops invaded the world of SEO! For the second year