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If you run a local business, getting in online search results can boost your profitability significantly. The best part is that getting listed in local search results doesn’t have to be difficult. You simply need an online presence that’s been set up with the right information.

There are a few things you can do to improve your odds at getting found by potential customers online. Working with a reliable online marketing company is one. A good online marketing company will know all the ins and outs of getting your business ranked in relevant searches online.

Online Marketing Basics: What Is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. This is the process of setting up an online presence for your local business that will get ranked by search engines like Google.

With modern technology, getting ranked in local searches doesn’t have to be difficult. However, if you work in an industry where the competition is stiff, you’ll want your business to rank high in the organic search results for relevant local searches. Preferably on the first page.

But Google isn’t fooled easily. There are many factors that search engines will consider when it comes to your business. Some common things search engines look at when ranking local businesses include:

  • Google My Business profile: If you aren’t on Google My Business, you’re missing out! Google My Business is a tool that allows you to list your business with its name, industry, location, hours and contact details all in one place. This is especially useful for searchers looking for local businesses using a tool like Google Maps, as your business should get listed in local searches there. But it can also pop up in regular SERP’s when customers search for your business.
  • Your own website: Your website can be a great way to attract online searchers to your business. But a website is also a useful tool to communicate useful things to your prospective customers. If you have a diner, for instance, you could put your menu on your website. If you run a guest house, you can show website visitors pictures of the different rooms available.
  • Social media: Having profiles for your business on social media can help you to be found on more than one platform. Additionally, your Facebook page is likely to be listed whenever people search for your business name.
  • Online reviews: More and more prospective customers are turning to online reviews before deciding what business they’ll work with. Even if you don’t rank at the top of a local search, having better reviews than your competitors is likely to work in your favor.
  • While all of these factors play an important role in helping your business rank in local searches, the most important thing to include on your website and social profiles is your business name, address and phone number (NAP). Doing this helps Google to see where you operate, which helps you pop up in the searches that matter most.

    Knoxville Local SEO: Where to Start?

    The basics of SEO are simple. All you need is to rank higher in searches that are relevant to your business and location. So, if you’re a local dentist in Knoxville, for instance, you’d be aiming to rank high for searches like “family dentist Knoxville, TN”.

    But getting the top spots in any search isn’t as simple as it might seem.

    The place where many small business owners encounter a problem is setting up a professional website. Although setting up a business website is easier than ever these days, the devil is in the details. If you have a specific look in mind for your business website, it won’t be easy to achieve without the help of a professional web designer.

    But apart from getting a professional website, there are many factors that can help to make your local business website more SEO friendly such as:

    • Relevant links
    • Keywords
    • Blog posts
    • Mobile-friendly web design

    An SEO professional will know how to build links that boosts your website’s search results. When it comes to link building in SEO, not all links are equal. Relevant keywords used carefully throughout the writing on your website’s main pages and blog posts can also help. And while blogging isn’t an absolute must if you want your website to rank, it can be very beneficial.

    But even the best website won’t mean much if it isn’t mobile-friendly, which is why your website design should be responsive. A responsive website is one that has both a desktop and mobile version, making it easier to view on any device.

    Knoxville Local Internet Marketing Company

    At Serious SEM, we help local small to medium sized businesses build and manage their online presence. Some of our services include:

    • Professional web design
    • Content Marketing
    • Social media management
    • Search engine optimization

    We’re here for your small business. So talk to us if you need to set up or manage an effective online presence that brings in new customers!

    With so many people turning to search engines when they need a local product or service, a professional-looking online presence can go a long way in standing out.

    We can help you design and optimize a business website that gets results! From choosing relevant keywords, to publishing regular blog posts and keeping your online presence up to date with the latest SEO tactics, we’re here to help you grow your business!

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