5 Strategies for Boosting Engagement on Instagram

A recent update to Instagram’s feed sorting got marketers worried. A straight-forward chronological order will be replaced with Facebook-like algorithm that takes into account many social signals, including engagement and past likes to predict “relevancy” of posts. While the move evoked different sentiments, the fact remains that the algorithm change is unenviable and marketers will

How to Use Twitter Retargeting Ads to Generate More Customers

In this age of marketing , it’s all about lead nurturing, meeting a client at some point in their buyer journey and helping them find the information they need and show them you’re at their side so when they are ready to buy you’re the one they will buy from. The most common way to

How to Successfully Promote Instagram

So you took an awesome photo. And you know it rocks…but now you need people to see it, comment on it, share it, and then keep you in mind the next time they want the awesome product or service you just took a photo of. But how do you go from the annoying business on

Big Changes Coming to Facebook

It’s that time of year again. Facebook is about to have its 8th conference going over the future of Facebook, and if it’s anything like last years…we are in for big changes! Last year we learned about the New Messenger Platform for Developers, Allowing Users to Connect Directly with Businesses on Messenger, Support of 360

How to Choose the Best Social Media Site for Your Business

Social media…seems like every day there is a new buzz world, or platform people are all talking about. How do you know what one is the right one for your company? How do you pick out from the mass of options that one to focus your time and energy into in order to drive the

Snapchat is Growing Up

Snap-Chat is not for every business. Its’ user base is on the younger side of 15 to 25 year olds. But if that’s a demographic your company caters to, then you need to be on Snap-Chat! While some see the self-destructive nature of Snap-Chat to be a downside to the app. If you’re rolling out

The Unwritten Rules of Social Media

Social media is hard! It’s not all cat videos and puppies, sometimes it’s a pain and requires alot of investment from you and your company for it to really work. The goal of social media should be all about providing value to your target audience. There are no real shortcuts. In building your social profiles,

User-Generated Video Content Ups Your Credibility

Have you thought about adding video to your marketing? What about the idea of your users and clients making the video for you? Video can be very impactful, and is a great way to turn what could be a boring section of your site into something fresh and exciting for your visitors. Why have people

How to Build a Content Conversion Funnel

You get inbound traffic from a ton of sources online. The question is what to do with it once they are there? When you create a piece of content, you need to think past someone just reading it. You need to build next steps from them.