Malware is a pain to deal with. But if your website gets infected with it, it goes from a pain to a nightmare! If your website gets flagged for malware the trickledown effect of it can ruin days, week, or months of work you have put into your site. Not only do your organic clicks suffer from the big warning goggle flashes in front of everyone, but it can also shut down your ad words and kill any traffic paid or organic coming in.

The importance of security on your webserver can’t be talked about enough. Buying and SSL and getting your site daily scanned for issues is an extra cost. But is paying a bit extra every month or year worse than losing a months’ worth of revenue on your site while you clean it up, and resubmit everything to google so they take the block down and unsuspended your accounts?

Security warnings in Google Search Console (GSC) can be scary. Really scary. Whether your site was flagged for being hacked, serving malware, unwanted software or worse, security warnings in GSC can cause serious problems for your organization. First, your site can be harming users. That’s bad enough. Second, your organic search traffic can plummet as Google takes action against your site (either manually or algorithmically). For example, your site can be labeled in the SERPs as being hacked or being a site that can harm your computer.


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About Cy Sears

I am a Christian, Husband, and Father of 4 amazing children. I started in marketing and graphic design in 2003. My specialties are in Search Engine Marketing, web design, and graphic design. I have helped many companies large and small take their brand to the world. Starting with the initial logo design; and then helping them build to be multi-million dollar companies. This is what I have a passion for!

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