Phrases You Should Never Use

How many times have you seen a social media post from a company and you just go “wow they are trying to hard!” It happens pretty often the more then I would like to admit too, and I’m sure even I have sinned and used a phrase in social media I shouldn’t have to get a client’s message across.

Thankfully Sprout social has put together this great list of words and phrases to avoid. There are a lot more than just these, but this is a great starting point. So the next time you’re wanting to tell a bunch of teenagers to buy your product because “it’s fleek, and omg your bae will heart you for life. So they might as well just yolo it up and feel the bern ” don’t do it…I promise it’s the wrong approach!

Social media isn’t about being hip or cool, it’s about being true to you and your brand and building real connections with people.

With the landscape of social media becoming more crowded, it can be hard for brands to break through the noise to get their message heard. As a result, many social media managers look for new and different ways to engage their audience.

Cy SearsPhrases You Should Never Use