Leveraging social media for local SEO

Social networks can be difficult to integrate into a local brand SEO strategy. However, with careful thought, you might find an interesting and engaging way to use such platforms to further your conversion goals. Some platforms are built for local and can be used to drive more local traffic to your site, and supply a good flow of local data for your SEO. Platforms like Foursquare and others are location based and display content based on where a user is. How can that not help your local seo?

One of the keys of getting a quick boost to your local SEO is when something new hits, be one of the first on it and hit it hard. Even if it fizzles out and dies like many do, the time spent being active and using it to promote your brand can yield short term local results from them and help you build your brand as one willing to take risks and pioneer the new platforms as they show up.

By discovering and exploring these opportunities, you may find an entirely new audience that had previously gone unnoticed by your marketing team!

The challenge in an integrated search and social strategy is leveraging popular social platforms to increase website positioning on search engines. Using social media to promote local brand awareness is critical when working to be the leader among competitors in the digital landscape. You want to make sure your brand (or the brand you manage as an SEO) is regularly utilizing these channels — before they become completely obsolete.

Cy SearsLeveraging social media for local SEO