How to Choose the Best Social Media Site for Your Business

Social media…seems like every day there is a new buzz world, or platform people are all talking about. How do you know what one is the right one for your company? How do you pick out from the mass of options that one to focus your time and energy into in order to drive the best results to your business?

Well that is what this article is here to do! To help you see the strengths of the major platforms and help you make a better more informed choice on what ones you really need to hone in and use to take your business from social media user, to a social media power player.

From Facebook to Instangram, twitter to Youtube, and all the ones in between the choices on where to push your business are vast. The thing to keep in mind when looking at platforms is three fold. The first being what platform is your audience most active and engaged on? What platform offers the best way to present your brand contact for them to consume and enjoy it? Lastly, looking at which one offers you the most return for your investment. The last one is important, if you don’t have the time to invest in making great videos every week packed full of killer content that will engage your audience then Youtube might not be the best place for you, as putting out subpar content on the best network is not going to help you as much as putting out killer content on the second best network for your business.
Have you struggled finding the right platform for your industry? If you have leave it in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to point out some social networks that could work great for the industry you are in!

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Cy SearsHow to Choose the Best Social Media Site for Your Business