The evolution of SEO

Over the years SEO has changed, and the way we approach our jobs has changed as well. We no longer just optimize a website in order to make it rank well in google, we now are in charge of creating, promoting, and connecting good content with the end user of a business. SEO still has its technical side to it, but it’s become much more about the user and how to give them the best content to make the website you’re working on the authority on the issues, industry, or product they are offering to the public.
It’s time we shifted from seeing and presenting our self as optimization specialists and started to look at ourselves through the lens of a content analysis. We are now spending more and more time analyzing content and seeing what will be best for the end user. The way to drive SERPs rankings is on content, and not just any content will do anymore it has to be good to great content to give a website a fighting chance.

Have you noticed this shift in your day to day operations? Do you like seeing the shift away from traditional forms of optimization in favor of content?

Cy SearsThe evolution of SEO