How New & Existing Customers Interact With Your Paid Search Ads Differently

Inbound marketing is changing how businesses market, it’s a change from the traditional path and can be integrated into how you approach all avenues of your marketing. Because of the nature of inbound marketing and my love for social media marketing it lead me to get certified in inbound marketing as well. And after taking the courses for that it has caused me to look at the whole life cycle and approach to marketing funnels in a new light.

One way a lot of companies lose focus of their inbound leads and how to best convert on them is they fail to look at the difference between current and future customers and how they might be looking at your marketing pieces. There is a difference in how people already using your product or service look at you then those that don’t and your market should be agile enough to adjust and meet both those needs. The first step to this is understanding these differences. So you can craft the proper paid and organic ads for your customer base.

Check out this great article from Search Engine Land on how your current and future customers look at your paid advertising.

Analyzing paid search orders based on whether they were placed by new-to-file or return customers can be a valuable exercise in determining how different areas of an account help drive new buyers to your site or aid in customer retention. Beyond that, it can also give you some insight into how searchers behave when clicking on ads and how brand recognition impacts decisions made on the SERP.

Cy SearsHow New & Existing Customers Interact With Your Paid Search Ads Differently