As search changes, Google changes

Search is changing, it’s an ever evolving organism at this point and time. Searching means utilizing a wide range of interfaces, including GPS devices, wearables, smart objects such as Amazon Echo and operating systems such as iOS and Android. Oh, and we’re not just lounging on our sofas at home when we search. We’re searching on the go.

People want information on the go as they go about their daily life. And because of this we have adapted a number of different ways to interact with the internet and get the information we want the way we want it.

But google is not sitting back and letting it’s grip on our search habits fall to the side easily. While might be losing traffic, Google the company is still racing ahead. By adapting and changing how they offer search, offering new ways to do it, and including there results in other places. Times are changing, which means google is changing, and we all just have to do our best to keep up with them.

Cy SearsAs search changes, Google changes