SMM Strategies for Startups

Money shouldn’t limit your marketing efforts, especially since growth in the early stages of startup life is so essential. There are lots of organic, effective, and free or cheap methods of reaching your audience on social media that you can turn to accelerate your growth.

If your business is just starting out, social media is a great first step to getting it off the ground and getting some local buzz going about your business. Many startups don’t have a lot of funds up front to kick off marketing, but social media can be a cheap and effective way to start getting a ground swell of support and your name out there.

Why is that you ask? Simple! Places like Facebook offer great geo-targeting so you can lock on just the people who would want to buy your product and start interacting with them. I’ve found that even in some very niche industry I can easily put a dollar a day into like buying and get a new follower a day for a client.

Think about that, for 30 dollars you can have 30 people who are going to be interested and exposed to your brand. That’s not a huge investment. And if you couple that with great content about your product or service you could be off to a great start.

If you have the money for a huge kick off marketing campaign awesome! If you don’t, give social media a good think through you might be surprised at home much business it can drive to your store at a very low cost.

Cy SearsSMM Strategies for Startups