Weekly Search and SEO Headlines

It’s time for a weekly recap of all the news in the world of search and search engine optimization!

Bing’s Big News: It’s almost time for match maddness! Which means college basketball is on the minds of basketball fans across the country, and yesterday college hoops invaded the world of SEO! For the second year in a row, Bing and the NCAA are teaming up to help fans fill out their NCAA brackets and follow all 67 games during this year’s tournament. So if your looking to get your bracket all filled out, and cross your fingers as you hope your team brings you glory and riches this year head on over to Bing to do it.

More Bing News: Bing is expanding it’s native search for all their ads. They will now be showing them both on Bing and on MSN.com. Do you think this will help them up their game and catch up to google or is it just a meh move that will leave Bing playing catch up as it has been?

Google News: Google Image Search adds a splash of colors by testing new filter buttons. Now we can filter both on snap chat and google images! Any thoughts on this move? will this matter to you and how you approuch your seo for images or is it just a cute feature that weill fade away?

Leave your thoughts in the comments or on social media. We would love to hear from you! Below is the full round up of this weeks search news from search engine land. Give the link a click and get yourself up to date on all the news you missed!

Cy SearsWeekly Search and SEO Headlines