How Google’s AMP Will Influence You

Google is going all in on mobile! And AMPed pages are going to be a big thing your going to have to start thinking about very soon. The fast loading, stripped down pages are made to make mobile websites load faster and be easier to read on small devices. With the landscape always changeing, and mobile taking up more of a market share then it ever has before it is clear that google is wanting to be at the for front of mobile search and how to optimize the web for it.

Faster-loading articles improve the publisher/reader relationship. Speed is the most obvious benefit to publishers using AMP for improved SEO. That speed translates into more page views and fewer frustrated readers, which also translates to more ad views, sharing, and engagement with content. If you have an active blog, or alot of news like content then AMP pages are goingt o be something you really need to look into. Have any thoughts or questions about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages? Let us know in the comments!

[Estimated read time: 9 minutes] What is Google AMP? The Google AMP Project is a way of fast-tracking content to mobile devices. It improves upon the traditional model of serving mobile content because it relies on a specific form of HTML, called AMP HTML, to strip down the presentation of content.

Cy SearsHow Google’s AMP Will Influence You