Don’t trust Google to structure your local data

Google’s local answer boxes can be a great help when you searching. But they can also confuse people and have them skip over your site. Google doesn’t always grab the best information by default to display. As the article shows when doing a search for apartments it gives you a smart answer box but instead of showing the apartment information it pulled out parts of the reservation calendar for when they would be open for rent.

How can you avoid this issue? By doing a bit more work on the backend of your site and how it is laid out so Google ca make smarter choices in what type of data they are pulling. A simple three step method makes it easy to help google and avoid any unsavory mix up showing up in the results. Be sure to use the google schema, keep content you want to possibly be pulled near heading or subheadings that match exact search phrases, and keep data in simple tables if you are aiming for it to pull a table of data into serps at times for you.

There is no 100% way to avoid google grabbing the wrong data and putting it into the search results, but these three steps will help keep them from pulling things you don’t want more often then not.

Cy SearsDon’t trust Google to structure your local data