A Step-by-Step Guide to Protecting Yourself Against Negative SEO

It’s something many companies don’t think about, and the thing of nightmares for anyone in the internet marketing profession. A competitor has targeted your site, and now you’re seeing your site plummet in the results because of the negative SEO being hurled at you.

The Bad News: If you do get attacked, it will suck, and it will suck a lot. There is no way around that simple fact. It can cost you weeks if not month of revenue for your business.

The Good News: You will survive and most likely be able to recover without much trouble once you realize you’re under a negative SEO attack and can properly react to it. The key here is to react not go into panic mode!

The Great News: Quicksprout has a blog out all about how to handle and survive one of these attacks! It’s linked below go and give it a read and make sure your company is built to handle something like this should it ever happen to you.

You’re checking the backlinks pointing to your site, as you do occasionally, when you see it: a huge spike in links. At first, you’re not sure whether to be excited or scared, but when you look closer, your fears are confirmed—you’re being attacked.

Cy SearsA Step-by-Step Guide to Protecting Yourself Against Negative SEO