Getting Started With Social Audio on Anchor

Anchor is the first of it’s kind, it’s aim is to take audio social. Think of it as Vine but but for audio bits. Short little snippits of audio to be shared around and heard by others. While it is a cool idea, I am not sure it is really going to take off. What could you have to add to social in audio that you can’t get across in video with Vine or Facebook? The idea of just being audio seems a bit empty to me but it could take off.

The biggest area I can see this getting a foothold and making some real waves is in the podcast world. As it gives any podcaster a means to offer real time content now that hasn’t really been easy to do while on the go. What do you all think? Do you see this taking off? What uses in the social world can you see for this being used? Any buisnesses uses or purly a social trend that will die out like so many before have?

Social media has evolved to become inherently visual, with text, video, and photos dominating on almost every platform. Sharing a great looking photo on Instagram is quick and easy, as is sharing a video to Facebook, but until now, creating and sharing audio content has been very difficult. Anchor is looking to change that.

Cy SearsGetting Started With Social Audio on Anchor