Content Marketing for Boring Industries

Why Your Business Still Needs Good Content

These days, business are investing more than ever in marketing themselves on the internet. Some business owners say that they can’t quite tell whether or not they’re getting any ROI from their content marketing strategy, but statistical data has shown that 74.2% of companies have reported getting more leads from using a content marketing strategy. Those marketing strategies might not all have been perfect because 57% of business have reported that they find producing content consistently was challenging and additional 60% said they found it difficult to produce engaging content.

Where does this leave you and your small to medium sized business? You may be think that your business doesn’t need a content marketing strategy. That your product or service isn’t worth blogging about. You might think you can’t create interesting content for your topic and, like many other business owners, you might fear not being able to consistently produce new content.

Those are all reasonable concerns. But by focusing on only the challenges, you’ll be missing out on the benefits too.

The Benefits Of Content Marketing

If you take a moment to look at what you can gain from investing in content marketing, you’ll soon see that it might just be an exciting way of taking your business to a whole new level and getting customers you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

1. Increase Your Visibility

Search engines are more likely to favor websites that have regularly updated content rather than those that don’t. This makes sense, because Google only wants to take its users to the websites of businesses that are still active. In a world of startups coming and going and the ghost websites of failed businesses that are still looming somewhere in the vast ocean of the internet, you want search engines to know that you are an active business. The only way Google can know this for sure, is if you update your website with new content regularly.

As an added bonus, your blog posts might be listed in searches for things related to your industry, but that your website wouldn’t have been listed for if you didn’t have more content for search engines to find.

2. Establish Authority

If you have a blog that’s regularly updated with posts related to what you do, then you’re reputation as a leader in your industry will increase. The more content you have available on your website for readers to see, the more you’ll look like an expert in what you do. Having a blog also helps visitors to your website to see that you’re passionate about what you do and that you like to share this information with an audience.

3. Content Can Bring In Leads When You Least Expect It

Once you’ve published something on your website, it can stay there for many years to come. You might get more traffic from it initially in the first few days after publishing, but you never know when another visitor might just stumble upon that same content again. You could end up making a sale after someone found content you published more than a year ago. Who doesn’t like a pleasant surprise?

What If Your Business Is “Too Boring”?


If you have a business that doesn’t seem interesting enough to write about, developing a content marketing strategy will seem much harder. Sure, hair salons, tech companies, veterinarians and other businesses seem to have plenty to write about. But what if you sell a compost maker or air-conditioning? Not so easy to write about anymore, is it?

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be implementing a good content marketing strategy for your business. It’s still possible, as long as you put some thought into it.

For instance, think about your target customer. People who buy compost makers will probably be gardeners. You can create your content to center around the topic of gardening. Another likely interest your customers might tend to share is eco-friendly living. By creating content that your target customer will find interesting, you’re likely to generate more leads by getting on your website with an interesting read.

If you sell air-conditioning, your target customer might be businesses with offices. You can leverage that by publishing content about creating work environments that will boost employee performance. Your content could focus on creating both a more organized space and on making offices more pleasing for employees to work in. You could also write about how keeping temperatures in an office low can improve the performance of computers by preventing them from over heating.

Once you start to think about it, you’ll see that there are many ideas you could come up with for creating great content, no matter what your business does.

But if you still feel stuck and you don’t know how to go about creating a good content strategy for your business, or if you’re concerned about whether you’ll be able to consistently keep up with creating fresh posts for your business blog, you’re not alone. There’s no sense in spending all your time generating leads only to end up neglecting the customers you already have. You might just get swamped with new customers that end up feeling dissatisfied with your service because you don’t have time to run your business like you used to any more.

Hiring a professional to handle it for you should be your next step. By hiring a professional company to help you do all your content marketing, you’ll be able to reap the benefits without having to spend hours of your time doing it yourself. Which is definitely what busy business owners should be aiming for.

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