6 Ways Print Marketing is Better than Digital!

For the past couple of years businesses in Nashville and all across the country have been pulling away from Print Marketing. Many have thought this was a sign that print was on the way out and digital would be the future, but small and large companies are learning print still has its place and can help grow your business. This year JC Penny is re-launching there catalogue to mail to people’s homes, J.Crew has just invested a lot of money to re-haul there catalogues for print, and even online only businesses like Birchbox are sinking a good bit of their marketing budgets into print marketing. Print media still has the capability to be one of the most important components of the marketing world.

Seems unbelievable and illogical? Your perspective of thinking might change when you find there are enough reasons to justify it.

Print shops are still in business in the digital world. Why?

We have our roots in Print marketing here at Serious SEM. And while it is true we have diversified and moved into SEO and Website Design we still keep a strong grasp on what is changing in the world of Print media and how we can enhance our client’s businesses. Print still plays an important role, even now more than you may realize. It is still helpful in taking your business to the next level.

6 Things Print Does Better then Digital Marketing…

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  • Print ads give a sense of tangibility, which is always absent in digital ads. With print it is not a one size fits all. Print shops, like Serious-Print, can give you a lot of options to make use of print media like a magazine, newspaper, pamphlets, banners or flyers that you can see, as well as touch. Magazines, newspapers or pamphlets will stay and you can look them over if you need to later, or take them with you to read while you wait somewhere else.
  • Print ads are more safe and secure. It prevents the chance of being filtered into spam. Most people have spam and ad blockers, so online ads are hidden from or ignored by people more often then not.
  • Reading a printed ad has been proven to engage people more into the ad than digital ads. It has been seen from research that people tend to read printed paper 20%-30% faster than on a digital screen. On a computer users are engaging with so many things, it can be a challenge to keep their eyes on you. With print, it’s right in front of them and your ad now has center stage.
  • With the growing use of digital medium in our daily lives, people are trending more towards “unplugging”. What is unplugging? You just disconnect yourself from every kind of digital media. It gives you a chance to relax and take a break from the digital boredom. You can enjoy more of the printed material like reading a good book or newspaper.
  • You can use printed posters and banners to sell your product or services. You can hang them in many public places with permission. It helps you to connect to the masses more. People still have the habit of reading banners and ad posters, after all, it’s where we’ve obtained useful information for many years.
  • Printed media can help you let people know about your online presence through pamphlets, brochures, flyers and banners. Many small businesses in Nashville use print media to let people know about their online presence when they are just starting out.

The wise, and the best way to sell your product and services are by using every kind of medium possible. In the current situation, digital media does hold a strong stand, but marketers are always more interested in doing something new to produce something better. Surprisingly, print media has turned out to be new for them. So we see a rebirth of print media. If you’re looking for an edge on your competitors, and a way to attract your customer base from all angles and see a huge return on the money you spend, we suggest working on a strong print marketing plan that funnels them to your digital media. Call to talk to one of our staff today and learn how adding print to your digital business can increase your customer base and make you more money!

Cy Sears6 Ways Print Marketing is Better than Digital!