Why Now, More Than Ever, SEO Is Not Just About Google

What if I told you there was more than just google as a search engine? What if I told you that focusing on the others could drive your business to see more profits at a lower price? The world is a changing place and the big three of search engines aren’t the only ones in

The 2016 State of Link Building Survey – Results & Analysis

Link building is in an odd spot. Some people swear by it still, others pull out the pitchforks and want to burn it to the ground it seems. The past year has been a bit of a calming down period as some are starting to see the value in link building done right, and others

10 Characteristics of a Content Hacker

found this awesome infographic to share with you all today! It looks at growth hacker and compares it to a content marketer built for growth and what is best for business. It’s a pretty cool take on it all, and would love to know if you all agree or disagree with it! Leave a comment

4 Ways to Improve Your Search Rankings

Do you recall the days we as Internet marketers lived and died by search engines for traffic? The days and nights of tedious work sweating it out to push a site to #1 on Google just for it to be seen. Think back to the time when keywords and ranking high were the only assured

Snapchat is Growing Up

Snap-Chat is not for every business. Its’ user base is on the younger side of 15 to 25 year olds. But if that’s a demographic your company caters to, then you need to be on Snap-Chat! While some see the self-destructive nature of Snap-Chat to be a downside to the app. If you’re rolling out

Phrases You Should Never Use

How many times have you seen a social media post from a company and you just go “wow they are trying to hard!” It happens pretty often the more then I would like to admit too, and I’m sure even I have sinned and used a phrase in social media I shouldn’t have to get

The Unwritten Rules of Social Media

Social media is hard! It’s not all cat videos and puppies, sometimes it’s a pain and requires alot of investment from you and your company for it to really work. The goal of social media should be all about providing value to your target audience. There are no real shortcuts. In building your social profiles,

How Google’s AMP Will Influence Your Marketing

Mobile isn’t the future anymore it’s the now. And more and more when a website is being designed and marketing is being looked at, it comes down a lot of time is spent looking at the impact mobile will have on it. And as companies work towards better ways to speed up and present on