10 Characteristics of a Content Hacker

found this awesome infographic to share with you all today! It looks at growth hacker and compares it to a content marketer built for growth and what is best for business. It’s a pretty cool take on it all, and would love to know if you all agree or disagree with it! Leave a comment

Snapchat is Growing Up

Snap-Chat is not for every business. Its’ user base is on the younger side of 15 to 25 year olds. But if that’s a demographic your company caters to, then you need to be on Snap-Chat! While some see the self-destructive nature of Snap-Chat to be a downside to the app. If you’re rolling out

Phrases You Should Never Use

How many times have you seen a social media post from a company and you just go “wow they are trying to hard!” It happens pretty often the more then I would like to admit too, and I’m sure even I have sinned and used a phrase in social media I shouldn’t have to get

The Unwritten Rules of Social Media

Social media is hard! It’s not all cat videos and puppies, sometimes it’s a pain and requires alot of investment from you and your company for it to really work. The goal of social media should be all about providing value to your target audience. There are no real shortcuts. In building your social profiles,

User-Generated Video Content Ups Your Credibility

Have you thought about adding video to your marketing? What about the idea of your users and clients making the video for you? Video can be very impactful, and is a great way to turn what could be a boring section of your site into something fresh and exciting for your visitors. Why have people

How to Build a Content Conversion Funnel

You get inbound traffic from a ton of sources online. The question is what to do with it once they are there? When you create a piece of content, you need to think past someone just reading it. You need to build next steps from them.

Graphic Design & Printing help grow ECommerce

Take a moment and think about what your life would be like if you had to run all your marketing with handwritten communication only. Thankfully we don’t live in a world like that, digital marketing makes life so much easier, but print media is still essential in running a company that solely exists online. Wait!

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Startups in Nashville and around the world don’t fail because they can’t get the product built; they fail because they can’t acquire customers. So how can you build a customer base and keep them talking about your business, whether it is here in Nashville or anywhere else in the world? More and more of Nashville

What is a promoted Pinterest post?

A promoted pin is simply a paid ad on Pinterest. It allows you to target your ideal consumer based on a number of filters, much like Facebook and twitter do. The promoted pin is then pushed out to the users who either fit your filtered parameters, or to users who have shown an interest in

Content is King

If you want people to care about what you are sharing, you need to know where you want the action to lead to. Things like messing with a share buttons positioning, when they are pushed and other variables can all play a part, but in the end you still need to provide excellent content to