Web Design Questionnaire

    Client Details

    Company Name:

    Contact Name:

    Contact Phone:

    Contact Email:

    Business Phone:

    Toll Free Number:


    Who will be involved in decisions regarding the website?

    Existing suppliers or partners we will need to work with?


    Are their any legal issues we need to consider?

    Do you own the rights to all materials to be included on the website?

    Project Outline

    Is the website for your organization or a specific product, event, service or offer. Outline what this is? (elevator pitch)

    Why do you need a new website?

    What does your website need to achieve: traffic, sales, response rates, leads generated, reputation?

    Target Audience - Who is the website aimed at?

    Why is your organization, product, event or service better than your competitors?

    Do you have a SWOT or similar analysis framework?
    (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)

    Website Management

    What tasks do you estimate are required to update and promote your website?

    Who will be deciding on updating and promoting your website?

    What level of computer and internet skills do they have?

    What is the estimated monthly budget for hours to update and promote the site?

    Website architecture

    Do you have a site map?

    Estimated number of sections

    Estimated number of pages

    What features would you like on your website?

    Other required features:

    Search engines (google etc)

    List the top five search terms (words or short phrases) that people will use to find your website:

    Additional relevant search terms:

    Social Media Etc

    Please list the website addresses of the social media and other external websites linked to this project (eg facebook, twitter, youtube, ebay)

    Are you planning on integrating further social media and other external websites/services? Please list them.

    Do you need your new social media profiles setup?

    Website design and style

    Describe the style for your new website look and design:

    Other styles?

    Do you have a style guide or other corporate requirements?

    Do you have any imagery or colours in mind for your website?


    What types of content will be on your website - eg text, photos, audio, and their current format - eg digitised, hard copy?

    What content has currently been produced?

    What new content needs to be produced?

    Do you need assistance producing the new content?

    Do you have any other related materials such as marketing?

    Competition and Genre

    List your competitors websites and other important websites in your market/genre?

    What are they doing well?

    What are they doing badly?

    Provide examples of websites (or parts of websites) you like the design and functionality (from any industry):

    Other Comments?

    Cy SearsWeb Design Questionnaire