Local SEO Amplifier Service


Our Local SEO Amplifier Service is SEO service that is focused at getting you ranked in a local area and in the maps 3-pack of Google.


Our Local SEO Amplifier Service is focused at getting you ranked in a local area and in the maps 3-pack of Google. If your a new business, or an established business venturing into the online market, then there is a good chance your local listing might not exist, might not be working as hard as they could be for you, or just have the wrong information all together! We have years of experience and heaps of data that tell us which citations you can trust, and which ones might actually hurt you. We have hundreds of citation opportunities for any type of business.

This service is not for competitive industries like HVAC, Roofing, etc.; but is meant to help less competitive industries get started. It may take months to see results and there is no guarantee that you will rank in the local 3-pack as this is a bare minimum service. Typically we do this as a setup for our ongoing monthly Search Marketing Service but for certain less competitive industries we have seen that our typical setup is enough to rank your business over time.

Serious SEM is committed to provide following deliverables:

  1. Google My Business Listing(s) We create and optimize your GMB listings for purposes of ranking in the 3-Pack.
  2. On-page optimization We modify the title tags, meta tags, contents, HTML code, naming conventions and other on-page factors of client’s website to make it relevant for ranking locally and in the 3-Pack.
  3. Citation Building We acquire/request/buy citations from vast array of websites to improve your ranking potential in the 3-Pack.


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