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Get more online reviews to boost your reputation.

It’s easy with Serious SEM’s Reputation Amplifier!

Reputation Amplifier will help you obtain online reviews, feedback and testimonials with ease.


  • Obtain customer feedback.

    Asking for reviews is time consuming and uncomfortable for some. We automate the entire process with Reputation Amplifier. Enter your customer into the our system. Then Reputation Amplifier gathers feedback, reviews and testimonials for you by contacting each customer up to 4 times, if needed, over a 10 week period. Easy button!

  • Take control of your reputation.

    Wouldn’t you like to control your reputation online instead of waiting for a negative review to appear. Reputation Amplifier screens less than ideal feedback and stops it from turning into a negative review online. The system filters based on the customers “Satisfaction Rating” and only prompts happy customers with links to leave reviews online.

  • Target review sites that make a difference.

    Send customers to review sites that matter to your potential customers use. You choose up to 3 sites to request reviews on simultaneously.

How Reputation Amplifier Works

  • Step 1: Add your customer

    Adding your customer is as simple as entering their name and email address. The system takes care of the rest, even automatically scheduling follow up emails if they don’t respond to the first one.

  • Step 2: Your customer receives an Email

    A friendly email asking for their feedback is sent. Satisfied Customers are shown your review links, otherwise they are sent to a feedback form.

  • Step 3: Customer leaves feedback

    Happy customers see your pre-selected online profiles to write a review. Your business grows positive reviews while managing unhappy customers before they leave a bad review.

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