Upload Template

Step One: Download

In order for the bulk upload to work it needs to be uploaded matching our premade template. You can download this template right from the bulk upload screen or by clicking here.

Step Two: Fill Out the Template

Once the template has downloaded it open it using microsoft excel, google sheets, or any office software that supports CSV files.

excel drag

You will see the first row is filled out with all of our defualt infomation, if you would like to keep it simply grab the bottom right corner and drag it down to the cells below and it will copy that content to each person you are wanting to have that bit of content. Each line must have all the infomation filled out in it, so that when the bulk up load goes through it will put all the proper data in the right fields for each contact you want to have added.

IMPORTANT: The database will NOT overwrite entries that are already in it, if you add someone more then once than they will get more then one email sent to them.

Step Three: Save

Be sure when you save the template you keep it as a CSV file. The system will only accept and upload this type of file. If you are unsure of the format your document is in, be sure to click File, then Save As, and select CSV from the drop down of file type choices.