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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing & Management

You’ve probably heard that you need to have a Facebook marketing consultant to customize a Facebook business page as part of your Facebook marketing strategy. Your future customers not only believe a company should have an on-line presence, but that they should also interact with their consumers via social media. We all know Facebook can be an incredible marketing resource and that creating a Facebook business page could potentially increase awareness and convert new customers to your products. Having a customized, professionally designed presentation on Facebook can put you way ahead of your competition by utilizing its unique cutting-edge marketing capabilities.

Facebook Marketing in Nashville Tennessee

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Facebook gives you access to millions of potential new customers!

Facebook Marketing

$249.99 (Monthly)

  • 3 Linked Facebook posts (image + text + link) per week, M-W-F, to the “Page”. These are posts that have already been created on a blog or emailed. If you need “Content Creation” – please discuss this with us
  • 2 simple posts per week, Tuesday and Thursday, to the “Page” – These are simple questions and fill-in-the-blank types of posts
  • Monitoring conversations, deleting spam, and posting replies on the “Page”
  • Interacting with other targeted pages as your “Page” for increased visibility and Facebook Page growth once a week. A list of these pages or a keyword to find them in search is needed for this task
  • Optional: Running one Facebook Ad campaign per month for more aggressive Facebook Page growth and e-mail options. Monitoring the ad campaign to ensure the cheapest price per click and delivering a monthly report on the stats. You can decide on a daily budget and the cost would go on your credit card
Facebook Marketing & Management

Facebook Page Creation or Redesign

$249.99 (One Time Fee)

  • 4 Cover images developed with your existing images and agreed upon text
  • Custom Apps starting at $99.00. Call a webmaster today for more details!
  • All settings adjusted, admins connected, user name created
  • Instructions developed to be sent out in all your marketing tracks to garner new “Page Likes”

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