Graphic Design Questionnaire

    Client Details

    Company Name:

    Contact Name:

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    Toll Free Number:

    Company Details

    Please describe your company, and the product or service you provide.

    Now describe your company & product/service in one sentence.

    Who are your main compe tors? Please list 2-4 competitors, and include their web links if possible.

    What separates you from your main competitors?

    Do you have a tagline? If so, What is it, and do you want it incorporated in the design?

    Who is your target audience/typical customer? Include demographics such as: age, gender, education level, income, careers, etc. Try to be as detailed as possible in your descriptions. Profile more than one type if necessary.

    Brand Details

    Do you have any specific imagery or icons that you want to include, or that you want to make sure not to include?

    Do you have any color preferences or any existing colors you'd like to use?

    What attributes of your business would you like your design to reflect?

    What is the overall message you want to convey to your target audience?

    Where will your design mainly be used? (Print, Web, Mail, Other)

    Project Details

    Do you like any existing designs, and if so, why? (Please provide example or link to the design)

    Do you have any other design or style notes/comments?

    Is there a deadline for completing the project?

    What is your budget for this project?

    Cy SearsGraphic Design Questionnaire