Petrova Jones Music Inc.

Project Details:

Petrova Jones Music contacted us about creating a professionally designed website for an online music school including, virtual classrooms and a video library where they could teach their custom music education. We were able to deliver a custom designed website that exceeded their expectations. The entire process was custom built from the front end of the website to the back end for the students; and we even included a teacher’s lounge.

Now new students can sign up and take classes on their computer from anywhere they have access to high speed internet service, a webcam, and a microphone. They can even playback past lessons from their personal video library or access more instructional videos for learning on their own. Petrova Jones Music was so impressed with our work, customer service, and the entire process that they moved their main website for their brick and mortar store to us, so they could continue to work with our webmasters and receive monthly support.

See the website!