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Whether you are a business owner of a small business or a large corporation you know that marketing can quickly change. It can be hard to keep up with what’s happening and the magnitude of the shifts can have a big impact on how you should be spending your marketing budget. Monitoring effectiveness and consumer behavior can be time consuming but is an integral part of marketing. Serious Business News gives you one spot to check and learn about internet, social, mobile, and print marketing. Serious Business News is the one place you can get the updates, tips, and tricks you need to know about internet marketing, social media marketing, and print marketing. We hope you find our centralized list of business marketing news and tips helpful.

Marketing and advertising helps you expand your market share for your products and services. Serious Business News is the place where you can read tips and gain knowledge about what you need to know to expand your company's market share, while getting to know our team who is standing by ready to help you tackle any issue you feel unsure about handling on your own.

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How New & Existing Customers Interact With Your Paid Search Ads Differently

How New & Existing Customers Interact With Your Paid Search Ads Differently

Inbound marketing is changing how businesses market, it’s a change from the traditional path and can be integrated into how you approach all avenues of your marketing. Because of the nature of inbound marketing and my love for social media marketing it lead me to get certified in inbound marketing as well. And after taking…

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Death by Desk Job

Is your desk job slowly killing you? Did you know that the more hours a day you sit, even if you exercise, the greater your risk is for an early death? That’s right: even a perfectly sculpted six-pack can’t protect you from the dangers of your chair. Let’s say, for example, you work 60 hours…

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Why is website design so expensive?

In the last website design article, written by Cy, he talked about “What makes Professional Website Design Different,” a question we get asked all the time. In this post, I’m going to look at why website design is expensive, which is the other question we get asked all the time, especially with the rise of…

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The Facts About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most people could never imagine that their desk job could be hazardous to their health; however, a serious injury called carpal tunnel syndrome is common among office workers and other workers who engage in repetitive motions of the wrist/arm. What is carpal tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from…

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Six Reasons your Website might ruin your SEM

When you look at your Search Engine Marketing reviews, are you excited or is it a monthly task you dread? Are numbers falling off? Are conversions plummeting? Is core audience bouncing off the site? No new leads? These are issues many businesses in Nashville face when it comes to their SEM, and we hear about…

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